2nd WD My Book 3TB premium storage not working, please help

I recently purchased a 3TB WD My Book premium storage complete back up and security Model # WDBF JK0030HBK-NESN. I followed the installation instruction by plugging it in, connecting the usb cord to the My Book then to my Window 10 64bit Hp Pavilion laptop. The light came on but not sound and no activity on the My Book at all. I changed USB ports several times and still nothing. I called WD support and they went through everything again with me even checking drivers. They came to the conclusion the My Book was bad so I took it back to the store and exchanged it for another one. I brought the new one home and the same thing. I tried using it with a Windows 7 pc and still nothing.

How can 2 My Book devices be bad?? I have gone to the WD downloads and installed all the drivers I could think of and still nothing. Has anyone had this issue and if so, any resolution? Is it still a bad unit? I would thing being two times in a row and being brand new units that we are missing something or these my book units are a piece of ■■■■ and should be recalled???

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello there,

Did you try the unit on a different computer o see if the same issue happens?

Yes, I ended up taking it to the store and exchanging for the second time and the third one worked like a charm. Both units were bad as I suspected. I am hoping they last for a while.

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