My Book Live thinks its a DUO

The drive on it failed so I decided to upgrade my Live Duo with new RED Pro drives and use one of the old drives on it. I swapped drive and it came up, but it now thinks it a DUO with Drive B in Failed Mode.

All the old data was there and I could access it fine. I decided to do a Factory reset to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t. All the files as expected are gone and I can created new Shares and use the drive fine.

I imagine that there is associated overhead it thinking that the other RAID1 drive is missing.

I tried to manually put if the latest firmware that someone had mentioned in a post, but it won’t let me, it tells to installed the second drive first.

Anyone know what I need to change/hack to have it go back to being a single drive My Book Live?

Help is appreciated. I have enable SSH, so can get around in Linux. Yes, I know that drive is out of warrantee so no need to worry.

Hi, let me see if I understand you have a My Book Live duo that one of the internal drives failed and you change it for a WD Red. Is the original working drive a WD Red? Are they the same size?

I have both a My Book Live and a My Book Live Duo. The drive on the My Book Live failed. The Live DUO was fine, but I decided to put two new Red Pro drives on the DUO. That all went fine.

I used one of the old drives from the DUO and put it in the My Book Live (Single Drive Unit) which had failed. It now thinks it’s a DUO with Drive B missing. But it is working fine.

The problem is that when you go to the Dash Board it shows Live DUO and when you go to the Storage section, it shows that it’s in RAID 1, which is the way I run the real DUO, and that Drive B has failed.

So the front light is always flashing yellow due to it thinking that Drive B is missing.

I would like to fix it so it properly knows that it’s a My Book Live and not a My Book Live DUO.

Ok, now I get it. Take a look at this threat and see if it works.

You are either running the wrong firmware, the wrong custom WD packages, or at minimum your fstab is mis-configured. There must be a package installed that enables RAID. It is obviously going to expect a second HDD.

Personally I doubt you can do what you want to do, and probably your best bet is to just live with it.