My Book Live Duo disk failure

Hi, everybody. I have a My Book Live Duo 6TB (2 x 3TB) (MyBookLiveDuo 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W) and due to a power shortage I’m now with a disk failure situation. Unit A shows as ok (good) and the AutoTest results “approved”. Unit B is the one showing “fail”, although the AutoTest results also “approved”. On the “administration” window I see “RAID stoped and unit should be replaced”. Unfortunately I don’t remember how much space I’m using. Do you think Its possible to make this unit B work again? Is there any software that can restore whatever has been destroyed?

I’m afraid I am not able to help at this point.
I have experienced EXACTLY the same failure. Same NAS, same power cut, same error to the same disk B!

Mine was set to RAID1 and fortunately disk A is still good. So I bought a new disk (WD Red which replaces the Green), and this morning swapped out disk B for the new disk. Exactly the same error. Surely new disk B cannot also have failed?

I ran the quick diagnostic test but this did nothing. Currently running the full diagnostic and will reply with the outcomes.

My apologies for the long delay.
After an entire day of running the diagnostic it returned nothing. Rather pointless exercise!
I then took the disks out and connected to my raspberry pi. Any linux system will work. The pi recognised and mounted the drive.
The WD lasted me about 8 years but frankly it is rubbish in comparison to my new QNAP. Copied my files across from the old WD disk/s. It took a while. Hope the data recovery company hasn’t pulled your pants down!

I gave up trying to solve it myself. I sent the 2 discs to a data recovery company. They charged me a “fortune”, but I take care of the data stored on the disks … Now, I am waiting for the result - which they do not guarantee…