My Book Duo - Drive Failed - Replaced With New Drive - Now Rebuild Fails

I have a My Book Duo 12TB setup with RAID 1 setup. Drive 1 failed (Model WD60EFRX). I couldn’t find the exact same drive so I purchased a WD 6TB Red (WD60EFAX). Powered down PC and My Book Duo, Inserted the new drive, Powered on PC… loaded WD Drive Utilities… Confirmed New Drive was found… Hit Rebuild… But rebuild has failed twice now. Drive 1 Status says Drive failed. Replace this drive immediately. Drive 2 remains online. Am I doing something wrong? Did I purchase the wrong drive? Any suggestions on how to get my RAID back in working order is greatly appreciated.


Please refer to the following KB article: A My Book Duo fails to rebuild its RAID 1 array due to a Read Error