My Book Duo 6TB failed

about a couple of days ago my My Book Duo (6TB; two 3TB RED NAS drives in RAID1) less than two years old reported that the second drive failed.
After that i wasn’t able to use the Western Digital tool to see its state and the drive is not detected at all by my computer (using either windows or mac).
I’m assuming that the whole drive failed and if i put a new 3TB drive inside it will rebuild from the first drive. Im guessing the second drive is completely toasted because when i try to force a rebuild by pressing the reset button the unit is completely unresponsive.
My question is, if i want to migrate to a different unit, lets say a WD NAS… will i loose all my data?
Is the data on the first drive readable somehow?
could i put that disk into a computer or a different WD unit a rebuild from there?

Removing the healthy unit and placing it in a different product with a completely different RAID controller will destroy its data.

The reset switch on your unit is meant to rebuild the RAID volume as noted in the unit’s User manual. Pressing it when only one hard drive is available can result in data loss due to a forced rebuild process.