My Book Live not showing in Target backup of WD SmartWare Pro

I bought the My Book Live 2TB. Installed WD SmartWare Pro software. The drive does not appear in Target Backup Window. The drive is accessible from Network and IP using browser. Where am I going wrong. I am using windows 8.


Make sure that you are using the latest version of the software.

Just to confirm that you have the correct version, check the link below.

I just bought this. Downloaded and installed the most recent update (11/25). twice. rebooted, restarted - the computer, router, drive. Using Windows XP on this one.

Same problem - the device doesn’t appear as a back up.  Very, very frustrating.  Please help!


Could you check if UPNP/HID services are up and running? Had the same problem, only on XP. UPNP service was disabled.