MyBook Live 3Tb drive visible to Windows Explorer but not WD software

Please help!

I have just bought a Western Digital My Book Live 3Tb NAS drive, but it won’t backup my PC. The backup stopped after 310Mb and the drive is no longer visible in the WD software – although Windows Explorer can still see and amend all of the data on the drive.

  1. I installed the software that comes with the hard drive (“ Setup.exe” and “WD SmartWare Setup (x64).msi”)
  2. I started a backup using the backup tab but this stopped part-way through
  3. The drive is no longer visible in SmartWare and the Backup and Restore tabs are now greyed out. SmartWare only shows locally attached drives.
  4. The shortcut menu for the WD Quick View  icon in the system tray only shows SmartWare – there is no mention of any NAS drive
  5. If I run Discovery it can no longer find the drive
  6. The drive and all the data remain accessible through Windows Explorer (both as a network device and as a Z: drive mapping). SyncToy synchronisation continues to work fine
  7. I logged a call for this ( ) referring to the Backup/Restore tabs being greyed out on the 4th of July but have not even had the courtesy of a reply
  8. I logged a second call on 13th of July to report that WD SmartWare can no longer see the drive. I have not yet had an answer

Some background information:

  • The drive appeared to be constantly busy, even after a reset and with the Ethernet cable disconnected, so I carried out a factory reset and long diagnostic test . No change
  • I have an HP Pavilion P6-2175ea desktop PC running Windows 7.
  • My Book Live firmware rev is 02.11.12-060
  • I have another WD external drive on my machine – a 750gB My Book connected via USB
  • The hard drive makes an occasional clunking noise and seems to be reluctant to sleep. I very rarely see the blue led

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software

check if the latest version of smartware and update if possible

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