My Book LIve 2TB can't see back up files


Just purchase a My Book Live 2TB network storage device.  Last night I went through the setup which seemed very easy and back up my files using WD Smartware.   Here’s my problem.  Everything say’s it copied successfully with WD Smartware showing my PC and the copied folders to MyBook Live but how do I access these folders off the hard drive?  I’m using Windows 7 and I’m able to see the connection in explorer with folders but nothing in them!!  I bought this drive to get away from having to always connect an external source through hard wiring a USB but this is causing me some grief.

Right now the storage is connected to my router through the ethernet cable provided.  Anyways I hope I’m missing something simple here but without any errors that came up I’m confused at why I can’t see the copied data. 

Any help to lead me in the right direction would be extremely appreciated.  My wife is getting angry and I’ll be in the dog house soon!!!


The backup folder in the My Book Live is hiden. Now, you should be able to see your data using the WD Smartware.

Run the WD Smartware and then:

1- Click on the Retrieve tab.

2- Click on the Select Files button.

3- Click on Retrieve some files.

Here you will see a View small window, here you can view what is in the backup.

Hope it helps.

Can I open the drive in Windows explorer and see the contents in the copied folders?  I can see the hard drive and the copied folders but nothing inside them!


The smartware copies the files to a hidden folder and you cannot see them with explorer. If you open smartware it will tell you what it has copied and you use that program to get the files back.

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