Can't access files on My Book Live

I am on Windows 7. I did my first back up to the My Book Live using the File Backup mode instead of the category mode. I can see the backup took place on the WD however I can’t access the files in any way even to retrieve the data.

I have also accessed it by FTP, however all folders are empty.

I have set up a drive and I can see it on my network, but I can’t see any of the files that were backed up. Within my network, I can see all of my Share Lists, but all of them are empty.

It looks like it did not backup up into a volume or a share, just into default which I can’t access.

Please help, need to access.

Smartware backups are transferred to a hidden partition

this is convenient to avoid corruption on the backup

try //mybooklive/smartware to see if the files are showing

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This worked. Thank you.

I did have to change the initial name as I did change my device name.

Good to know

yes I just added the default name, good thing you figure it out