MyBookLive 2Tb - "seeing" the files on the drive?

Hi all,

So, my WDSmartware is backing up files from my laptop to my MyBookLive.  I can see this by clicking on the “Backup” tab within WD Smartware - there are 62026 files in there!

Question:  Is there a way to actually “see” the files, like you are using the “Computer” area in Windows?   When I click on the drive from my laptop, what I get to is network>mybooklive and all I can see is the “public” folder…none of those 62026 files.  Are they “hidden”?   I assume if I used the “Retrieve” tab in my WD Smartware I could get them back, but I’d like to see what the files are (just to check they are correct).


Smartware backup files aren’t “recognizable” files.  They’re bundled files.

They’re in a “hidden” share, but you can access that share manually if you wish and are just curious.

Thank you.  I am curious.  How do I access them manually?

I’ve forgotten the name of the smartware share since I deleted it a long time ago.

But you can see it within the UI under the SHARES section.

Just manually map that share.

I could only see “Public” in the shares list in the UI.

In WinXP I can see the Smatware folder via:

Start - Run - and type in the Open window:


I see an empty  “smartware” folder in the resulting pop-up Explorer window because I have never installed Smartware. Presumably, if I had, then the folder would contain the “hidden” smartware files.


MontanaProf wrote:

I could only see “Public” in the shares list in the UI.


Two possibilities I can think of:

You deleted it, like I did.

Or:  You’re not running current firmware.