My Book Live not connecting to laptop

My WD My Book Live does not connect to the Laptop that it did connect to. I have verified the router is working properly, all other devices are connected when I test them) and I have unplugged power and Ethernet cables and reconnected, but still does not show up in devices or shared devices on my MacBook. I have verified the disk and verified the Disk Permissions. I am running Maverick on a MacBook Pro. Does anyone have suggestions for me??

Hello Linda,

router is working fine, does your router send the IP adresses for the connected devices (DHCP server)?
Can you look into your router settings/dashboard an look for all the devices connected to it?
Is the MyBook Life listed under this devices?
Does the network settings match each other DHCP on LAN and MBL?
Or static IP in LAN with static IP on MBL in the same address range?
Can you ping it? (use terminal: ping IPofMBL)
Can you access th MBLs Dashboard? With URL or IP? (http://IPofYourMBL)

In the dashboard does the workgroup name match the workgroup name of your macbook?

I assume your MacBook Pro is connected via WiFi?
Check if your router does not isolate WLAN from LAN maybe both do have internet access but data between this networks will not be permitted (security feature). Different ip ranges might be an indicator for that.
LAN: 192.168.2.X (ceck the ip of devices connected to ethernet jack)
WLAN: 192.168.3.X (check your macbooks IP)