My Book Live Network Hard Drive and Itunes Home Sharing on an iPad / iPhone / iPod

I just purchased an “My Book Live Network Hard Drive” and created an iTunes folder under public, and set that location as my store from iTunes on my laptop, and compied in some music. Now I have switched off the laptop and I want to play the music on my ipad using the itunes server on the WD device. But the home sharing is not working.

How do I get the Itunes Server on the WD NAS to work please? Where do I set the username and passrod for iTunes home sharing in the WD My Book?

If this is not possible as some posts on the internet suggest how am I supposed to listen to the music on an iOs device? What is the WD’s iTunes server feature all about if it doesn’t stream?

Check if you have the iTunes server enabled. Check page 123 of the manual to review the steps.