I tunes server

I have added music to the public music share on a WD my book live and created a database for the songs on that share. The server is set to allow i tunes access.

When i installed i tunes it scans for media and finds tracks stored locally but when i try to access the WD server library it will not locate it. Is this an i tunes library issue or am I doing something completely wrong. I guess as this was a fresh i tunes install the i tunes library it created will be in the default location.

How should I set up an i tunes library on the server from scratch.

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hello, I have not tried this but, lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

Okay so I have uninstalled itunes 12 reinstalled i tunes 11 deleted libraries and fiddled with other settings and have finally managed to get i tunes to show the shared my book live library location. However when i click on it the library shows 0 files present then switches back to an empty music library. I have music in the shared music folder, sharing is set to allow media streaming, database has been rebuilt and shows over 1000 songs but i tunes still does not want to play. Searching on internet and this seems common but no one seems to have a solution? Does the i tunes server for WD My book live actually work for anyone? I can play the shared files through i tunes if i click on them in explorer and windows media player can also find the shared folder and play the music in it. Really frustrating!