Strategy for Storing iTunes?

Ok-  This is a basic question, but I didn’t see it answered in any of the related discussions:

I want to offload my iTunes library to WD My Book Live to save space.  However, I see a couple of issues and have some questions:

1)  If I change the location of my iTunes library, where will my laptop store new purchases?  Should I just keep the default location on my laptop and copy all my old files (already seen video, etc.) to the network drive?  Will iTunes try to re-download the missing material if I do that? 

2)  If I have the whole library on My Book Live, and I am traveling and not connected, what will happen when I sync my iPad/iPod?  Will it wipe the music that is missing because it can’t see it? 

My goal here is just to save space on my laptop.  I really mainly listen/view media on my devices, but I do have to sync on the road for new downloads & purchases. This will be a massive overnight file transfer, so I’d like to have a plan before I start. 

I appreciate any answers to the questions above.  Anybody who can share what they do and general tips and strategies is really appreciated. 


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With the iTunes Media Server, you or anyone connected to the My Book Live can 

use iTunes to play music files stored on it. This service creates a virtual music library  

on the device and treats it as an iTunes repository , making it possible to stream 

media files from the My Book Live to Windows or Mac computers running iTunes

To enable iTunes:

  1.  Click the > beside iTunes to expand the iTunes section of the page:CONFIGURING MY BOOK LIVE SETTINGS


  1.   To enable iTunes to access your music files through your iTunes player, click the 

Enable check box. iTunes is enabled by default.

  1.   Click the Rescan button to update your media files. When the “iTunes rescan 

has been initiated” message displays, click the Close button.


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