My Book Live Duo 4TB - DLNA showing up 50% of the time... what's up with that?


I’ve decided to buy this My Book Live Duo 4TB so I can have a DLNA server up and running even without any computer online.

For some odd reason, my DLNA client’s (blu-ray, ps3, etc…) can see the WD duo like 50% of the time… When it’s not there I have to log on the device, turn off dlna and back on and then the clients will see it.

I find that most of the time is when I add files to the hard drives… then the dlna crash I guess…

It’s some pure **bleep** at this moment…

Am I the only one ? Should I return the device for a new one ?

What about twonky ? What is it… I heard some poeple are using this instead and is working better ?


WD is aware of this issue and it should be addressed with the next update to be released this month per WDTony. See thread relating to DLNA Issues. Note that this problem existed before the last update and was still present after the update. To answer your question, you are not the only one experiencing this problem as well as numerous other problems.

Twonky is the media server installed on the MBL, the predecessor to the MBLD.  It is a lot more stable than the proprietary media server installed on the MBLD. Again you should refer to the DLNA issues thread if you are interested in installing it on your MBLD. You will need to have  a working knowledge of Unix/Linux command line.

You are not alone.


This crappy device can’t even performed as advertised on the box!!!

I don’t see DLNA crashing every couple hours on the list of features!!!

Now… If I was to install twonky would this fix my problem? Once twonky is installed, can I do a factory reset if I ever want to come back factory ?

Thanks guys… It’s good to see that at least us, the people can help each… Unlike this company…

To be honest, I’m quite surprised at the lack of effort WD has put in their firmware.  Guess that happens when a relatively small company turns into the giant it is today.

Well the name can only carry them so far. When it came to computer related components, I used to always head over to WD to get my stuff (hard drives etc).  When they started going into the media stuff I purchased a WD TV Live SMP.  While not perfect, it worked well when a usb hard drive was connected directly to it. 

So not knowing any better, and actually completely disregarding the reviews (dumb I know), I purchased a 2TB Mybooklive.  Within an hour of bringing it home, I knew it wasn’t operating “AS STATED”, and I called support.  After complaining with them they offered my now current 4TB drive.  Great service, or so I thought… until its been a month now and they still can’t get the RMA/Warranty status right.  I’m literally calling them every second day after being promised they were going to do something, but they end up screwing it up even more.

Having never looked at Seagate or any other offering out there… I believe its time to do so.  I’ve spoken to certain people and they have Plex running on their NAS drives (can’t remember the brand), and they love it.

Time I removed WD from my list of preferred brands.  And also time I don’t disregard reviews just because of loyalties to certain brands. 

Future purchases will be spent elsewhere.  

Afterall, problems like this, that have been acknowledged a long time ago, should have been patched right away, to save face.  Not make people wait, for what feels like forever, for firmware to work as advertised.  Even the manual shows stuff different. LOL

End of rant.

  Welcome to the club!

It isn’t about joining any club, it’s just not what you’d expect (or at least I didn’t) from Western Digital.

Every company, has its failures, or what they would like to call ''unforeseen issues" with their firmware or software.  

  1. Apple with its iPhone

  2. Google with Android

  3. Microsoft with Windows

The list can go on.

The differences between these companies and Western Digital is the broad scope of their use.  If there is a problem, the media hears about it and they need to make a statement, and work around the clock to fix them or offer a solution that actually works.

  1. Apple and its Antenna fiasco, or more recently their Map product where they were forced to make a statement and tell them to use an alternate product, like Google Maps and apologize.

  2. Android released 4.2 and there were some minor issues.  While this didn’t make a huge splash in the media, they released 4.2.1 to fix it rather quickly.

  3. Microsoft and its quick security patches for things found.  

Let’s face it, NAS products, or anything Network related are “niche” products.  You either have knowledge on how to use them, because you’re somewhat versed in how a network works, or you are a person who just isn’t aware about a product of this nature and don’t buy them anyway.

The latter group rely on the former group to help them get things done.  The former group are the group of people Western Digital has to worry the most about.  Why?  Because they are 100% of their customer base.

If you’re in the former group, like me, and are approached by friends that don’t know much (the latter group), you want to direct them to products that will just simply work.  Afterall, you don’t want to be at their house time and time again trying to get the thing working.

So in essence, without the first group, WD wouldn’t have customers, just a bunch of returns.

Word of mouth is where its at with companies like this.

For instance, I previously told you about the WD TV Live SMP that I bought.  Well because of what I said to 3 friends, they bought one too.  These 3 friends would not have purchased anything had I not told them about it, because they didn’t know it existed.

Apple users, for the most part (sorry), are littered in the second group… Particularly iPhones. They just expect things to work, and when they don’t, they don’t have anyone to turn to, especially the first group who told them to buy an Android instead.  They don’t want to be given the response “I told you so”.

Now I’m not saying Android’s simply work – but there are tons of workarounds and a massive developer community that make the things work that don’t or Android hasn’t thought of.  iPhones don’t have that same luxury.

But to each their own.  This isn’t a discussion about Android or Apple… this is simply a comparitive on how things are in relation to how WD handles its business.

So is there a club?  No, but neither group should be lied to, especially about capabilities.

Wow.  Great post.  Very well said…