Twonky fo MyBookLiveDuo (model WDBVHT0040JCH)

Why on my WD there is no Twonky server? This server shall be by default, but it is absent! How to set it?

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What firmware are you running on the unit?

Make sure that you are running the latest firmware and check the link below.
Enabling or Disabling the Twonky Media Server for the My Book Live

Thanks for the response!
The device uses the latest version of the firmware: MyBookLiveDuo 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W. It’s updated automatically.
In the menu of the Multimedia I dont’t have Twonky.

Maybe I can download other version of the firmware?

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Dear ALL,
The connection of the house is as follows: wd is connected to the wifi router asus via a gigabit cable. TV lg is connected to asus by wifi. When watching video on the TV, playback stops constantly for pause. I was recommended to install on wd Twonky server, tk. Dlna server may not be able to cope. What should I do with wd so that the content is reproduced without delay?


Dear ERmorel,
thanks for your response.
My WD uses the latest version of the software and my WD can’t use Twonky?