My book live and wd live tv not only showing the public folder

I have a Wd tv live model # WDBHG70000NBK and a 3tb my book live. My issue is that i cant seem to access my private folder with my movies from the wd tive live that i have on the my book live. I enter my user name and password and i can only see the public folder on the wd tv live. Now the wierd thing is that if i create on my book live a user with the username “wd” and the password “wd” and log in with that on the wd tv live i can see the private folder. If  i have a different username and password i am not able to see my private folder on the wd tv live. Why??? 

If it’s only showing you the public folder, then the MBL thinks either your UID or PW that you’re providing are incorrect.