No access to my private folder

Hej Folks,

I can not connect form my PC in my network on my private Folder on the WD Maybook Live. I can open every folder of every user, but not mine.

Is anybody able to help me?

I’m using a Win7 PC and the Mybook Live 2TB.

Thanks a lot


Hello, what happens when you try to access a private folder?

Facing same issue when accessing private folder… keep on prompting username and password even though provided correct username and password… feeling frustrated… why it is so troublesome to manage private folder?

If you’ve already logged in or opened the Public shares, you will not be able to access the private shares.

It’s a Microsoft limitation, not a WD issue to fix.  

Make sure you disconnect *ALL* shares.

Use the cmd window and type

net use

to ensure you’ve disconnected all shares.

Then you’ll be able to access your private shares.