Unable to access shares

I am unable to see/access any files other than those in the default public folder.  I have tried setting up shares as both public and as private but they are not seen by my pc, smart television, or by the backup programme (Create Synchronicity).  To date, I have been limited to backing up all files to the public folder.

This is what my PC sees…

When trying to set up the backup programme I see this…

But, if I use the Mybook shortcut that routes via the network I see this…

This is what the MyBook dashboard shows…

All I want to do is have one folder for public use… streaming media and have two private folders that I can use as backups for the PC accounts.

I have been struggling with this for ages and it’s doing my head in!  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

On the screen shown in your last screen shot of the WD live dashboard, click on a folder (e.g., Public). You should see the list of users with access that folder. Make sure you, ( or the  designated user)  has access to the desired folders. 

In the dashboard, there are two views:

a) List of users and the folders they can access (full read/write or read only)

b) List of  folders and who has access to each one

Make sure that the folders exist and that the correct users have access and the desired access (ful access or read only).

Hope that helps