WD mybooklive share´s not authenticated!


I have a WD mybooklive 3T and i create one single folder called “movies”. I set for private mode and them i created one single user called “neo” and set his password. I set also the “movies” folder for the “neo” user, with full permissions.

 In my windows 8, when i try to access the folder “movies” , the Windows ask about the user and password.  Everything was fine till this part, but when i type the user (neo) and the password that i  already created, the system gives me everytime “access denied”.  What i do wrong ? 

I have a older NAS from WD, it never gives me this type of error.

ps: In public mode it wok fine, but when i put in private mode, i can´t access because it always not Authenticated!


type in “mybooklive\neo” in the username box then your password in the next box and hit enter, you might also want to double check the permissions just to see if they were saved.

if all else fails try using the command prompt 



net use \mybooklive passwordhere /user:username   (if you renamed your mbl enter the name you put instead of mybooklive)

that should do it try opening your share again

if you want to map a share while you add it type in: 

net use n: \mybooklive\share