My Book Live 3TB not showing on network anymore

Hi all, hopefully this is a simple problem to solve;

I replaced an older 1TB mybook live with a 3TB My Book Live and all was well until we had a power cut in the area. After the power cut the drive spins up ok and the green light comes on but no devices (iMac, Macbook, Windows 8 Laptop or smart TV) can see the device on the network anymore.

If I connect the drive directly to the iMac it sees it with no problems and I can access data on it. When I plug it back into the wireless router it remains invisible. The router seems to be working ok as I still have wi-fi on all devices and my Sonos bridge attached to it is working without issue.

I’ve tried the installation program again but it can’t see the drive on the network…

Any ideas?

Try resetting the unit back to factory defaults.

Thanks - how do I do that?

Having the same problem. Can connect to iMac (2012) but when attached to Netgear WNDR4500 Router I cannot get a green light (Blue for a bit then red).

Darthpearce wrote:

Thanks - how do I do that?

You can reset the drive by pressing the button on the back of the unit for 3 seconds.