3TB MyBook Live no longer working

Bought a MyBook live about a month ago … have it hooked into a Trendnet 8 port switch (new as of 3 weeks ago) … and router is Cisco 3200 (new as of 3 weeks ago) …

I lost power a few nights ago and my drive will not show up on the network.  It isn’t in the DHCP table list on my router config.  LED status on drive is solid green … tried new network cable and ports, no go …

tried resetting mybook… as well as reset router and switch … no go.

drive powers up and spins, can feel that … just seems like it isn’t hooking into network. 

Hi, try connecting the MBL directly to the computer and remember that the reset button on the back must be pressed for 4 seconds. If it doesn’t work is probably faulty. :cry:

The drive might have been affected by the power outage, if resetting it does not fix the problem, you may replace it.