My Book Essentials


I’m having issues with the MyBook Essentials 2TB WDBACW0020HBK. Whenever I attempt to copy files from the drive, the transfer fails about 5-10 minutes in. I have large backups files that I need to be able to move off of the HDD so I’d like to know how to solve this issue. 



How much data is being transferred at once? It is recommendable to work in blocks of 10GB-15GB. Additionally, I would recommend running a disk test in order to confirm if your disk drive is healthy, as explained in the following link:

I’m trying to transfer a 50GB+ System image file. So I can’t work in small blocks like that. As for the test, the drive disconnects before one can be completed so they all fail. I really need this system image file because I can’t restore it properly while this Exteneral HDD is randomly discconecting. 

Freeze it.

I put in freezer for 4 hours. In zip lock bag. To be safe I then put in frig for an hour to heat up a little to not be fragile. It works. Buy a long USB extended cord and and stick it freezer or frig while it’s downloading. Then toss the device and never buy WD again. Ever. 

There are 193 pages and 30 threads per page that is 5790 threads of complaints. With 20 or more responses at least per thread for 115,800 attempts to correct the problem. These are writen complaints that WD is aware of. 

Stop buying this. 

OMG - This was a great answer! I am SO FRUSTRATED with my 3TB hard drive! I’ve had it for less than a year and it is not working and I have lost all of my data. I took it to 3 data recovery places and the min cost is $1,700!!! ARGHHHHH. Has anyone ever gotten a reply from WD?