WD Elements data transfer issue


I’ve recently purchased a WD Elments 2Tb, using it on windows 7. I decided to backup one of my 500gig external drives thats a few years old now, it starts the transfer but then becomes stuck on calculating the time.

However transfers of the same data from the drive will work to a 32gig penstick of mine very quickly. It appears to happen for anything over a few gig, after canceling it will then display a time. I can be waiting 20 minutes to no avail for something that will transfer to the penstick in under a minute.

The drive then becomes inaccebile from windows and any attempt to do so will crash explorer. So far I have had no issues with any other equipment like this. Any transfers from the main solid state drive work fine.

EDIT: As a side note on canceling transfers no matter what the size the drive does the same from any source. This doesn’t occur with other storage devices. It actively locks explorer until the drive can be disconnected.

I’d appreciate it if anyone has any advice, or a similar issue.

Try using a transfer program that uses upper memory, like TeraCopy. There is a free version, just google TeraCopy.

If there is still trouble, you may have an issue with the drive. If there are bad sectors, it will totally jam up.

Do a full CHKDSK on the disk, you can do it through a CMD prompt, that way you can use the /x and /r options. If there are bad sectors, it will take some hours to totally finish. In some cases, up to 2 days. I had a failing 500 GB drive, that I could have returned before January 16th. But it took me a month to move everything off of it, because even after checking it, it would take enormous amounts of time to move the stuff off. Copies only go fast when the drives are in top shape, and optimised. Use Perfect Disk to optimise it- It is a worthwhile investment

Thank you for the advice, I’ve done a quick WD diag test on it but was considering a extended test.


set sleep timer to never