My Book Essentials 2 Tb not working more. Lost all data

I don’t have good luck with this External. It’s my second with troubles.

I buyed 1 last year. You can check in my posts last year 2011 about this troubles.

The first My Book 2Tb never was recognized by windows seven. Drives, tests in others PCs, 3 months trying with

some help from this forum.After much insistence with assurance and technical assistance(In Brazil) he was exchanged. This new was also never trusted another. I use 3.0 usb ports on my PC and he was still slow and “popping” noisy. Yesterday he finally died. All my files were lost. It will cost me a lot of money to recover the files.

The moderators and forum users that watched my struggle last 18 months to have a reliable product that cost me

US$ 176  in Miami Walmart.

My files was there I can see some. But I can’t access it more. When you click in the file the windows 7 64bits run,run,run and send me one error message.Instal the firmware(08/2012) Try use defrag,recovery,etc. No success.

I regret that this has happened and it is definitely not a good product.
I leave here again my message alert to these problems with the serie MY BOOK ESSENTIAL WDBACW0020HBK-01.

Hello Mate,

I think is better if you reach WD directly, perhaps they can exchange the product for another model.