A 2TB, $179 paperweight

I have a 1140 MyBook Essential that I’ve had not even for one year (I remember because I bought it with last year’s tax return,) and the **bleep** thing is good for little more than freezing up My Computer when it’s plugged in. I had roughly one and a quarter TB of stuff on there, mostly downloaded Youtube clips and MP3s but several old college papers and all manner of other important documents, but lately it’s been running slower and slower until finally it gave out completely a few days ago. I can’t even defrag it or delete files or perform any sort of troubleshooting because it slows down any computer it’s plugged into (I’ve confirmed this with with the family computer as well as my personal laptop.)

If there exists a way to troubleshoot this problem and hopefully fix it fully, please let me know because I’m at wit’s end over here.

Unfortunately, I agree with your accessment. Yup I have a $90 paperweight. USB connector came off board and I thought it would a simple matter to mount the drive in an enclosure and go on my merry way. However, it does not show up in Windows Explorer and I cannt access the files. I too will NEVER buy another WD product. Wouldn’t you know? The drive in the laptop is a WD.

Fixing that connector is easy for a competent old-school technician.

Hi Keith – I need to backup my Windows 7 PC ASAP. It has been backed up before, but I don’t know how my late husband did it. Ican open the software on the WD drive, but I have no idea how to use it. Can you advise me? (I have no manual, receipt, etc. to further identify my WD drive – my late husband had filed all that somewhere, and I haven’t found it.) THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! From my online request to WD for support (no reply yet!):

Product: AC310100 (Chosen from the drop-down menu while filling out an online request for support)

I have a WD drive. I have NO IDEA IF THE ABOVE PRODUCT IS THE ONE I OWN or if this is a “WD MY BOOK” or a “My Book Essential”! The only numbers I see on my drive are the following: 
WD P/N: WD10000H1U-00
S/N: [Deleted]