My Book Essential self destruct problem


 I have a 1TB My Book Essential on My windows 7 machine, it is out of warranty.

It has been working fine for about a year. One morning I turned on the PC and I heard the drive ratcheting like never before. I shut the system down and powered back up. I keep getting the message “No writeable partition found” . I have the latest WD smartware 2.2.1. The input setup is fine but I can’t see the data on the drive.

The WD drive led appears to function as advertised but it is not writing data, or I can’t see it.

I had to disconnect the drive from the PC because it was slowing down and affecting the performance of my PC.

Any help would be appreciated to try and fix this drive, or do I have to buy a new one???


Hi, as a troubleshooting step, you can try connecting the My Book power cable directly to the PC. If the problem continues it is provable that the My Book is faulty. 

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I have no power plug on my PC. I did work with the My Book today and plugged it into a wall outlet. I listened ti the drive wind up and the heads go to the zero position. when I hooked it to my machine the Smartware would not load, shortly after that my desktop went blank and the video pixallated and sys shut down. I disconnected the book and the PC started up ok and works normal.

You are probably right that the book is faulty.  I hate to buy another one and have it distruct after the warranty is up like this one.  I am also thinking of getting a bigger WD hard drive (500G or 1TB at 7200 or 10k rpm) but don’t want to waste my money and loose ALL my data and system (Win 7 32 bit). My existing WD 160G hard drive has been working since I built the PC in 2008.

Read over some of the other problems, like the USB3 connector, and other data problems and it is scary, although it may be a small percentage compared to sales.

What would you reccommend for a back up media??? Thank you for your help.

Hi again, it is always recommended to maintaining a backup of your data at all times, as a best practice to ensure the availability of your information and minimal potential data loss, since there are many variables that can result in a failed drive. The right drive for you really depends on your specific needs, I would go with any of the latest drives from the links below.

External Desktop Hard Drives Overview

External Portable Hard Drives Overview

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