My Book Essential not found on Dell Inspiron 15 laptop win 10

Hey folks

I’ve read many of your suggestions on here and tried but failed to get my WD My Book Essential 2tb
model no WDBACWOO20HBK-AESN to come up on my laptop.

I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 series7000 with win 10 laptop that refuses to find my WD.
I have searched the Device Manager and USB disk but no sign of WD

I have replaced power plugs, used different USB ports, rebooted, used colorful words and screamed
at the laptop and still no sign of WD

The light appears on the WD device but no sign on my laptop. However I can bring up
the WD on my PC using win 7 no problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Check Disk Management as opposed to the Device Manager for clues:

Your hard drive may not have a drive letter or the Windows 7 file system configuration needs to be updated in Windows 10 by reformating your unit.

Thank you for your reply and suggestion, yes I had tried the Disk Management in Wins before but did’nt know
what I was looking for or doing. Now I realize I need a Drive letter. I’ve read a bit about it from other
users on the net and it appears to be problematic for other users trying to use Win 10. My hope is to
get my WD ext HD to work on my lap top, how to do that successfully, I guess I’m looking for a wizard
to give me simple instructions on how to fix it, not an easy task or ask. Any suggestions would be very helpful