Incompatible with Win 10? #$@!%$^!

I have a 1TB My Book Essential that was, according to WD Support, manufactured in 09. Long story short; I’m running Win 10 on a new laptop and I’m SOL without a machine that runs Win 7. It’s now a coaster unless, somehow, I can find a machine that will run Win 7.

This makes no sense whatsoever. MAKE THINGS BACKWARD COMPATIBLE!

Anyone have a workaround? No driver update, firmware update or ANYTHING will work on Win 10.

Hello, can you please share the model number of the drive? Have you tried changing USB cables? Have you check if the drive shows in device manager?

I’ve tried new cables, checked Disk Management, Device Manager and nothing works. I’ve been told by another guy with WD Tech Support that it’s a faulty drive and I’m up a creek without a paddle. Awesome customer service don’t you think?