MY Book Essential Hard drive not working on PC-pictures no longer visible

I’ve had my WD My Book hard drive for a few years now, it worked perfectly up until a few months ago.  Now, when I plug in the USB to my laptop, both a CD Drive/WD Smartware (H drive) and a local drive (G) show up but my files are no longer visible.  The G drive asks me if I want to format the disk, I say no, a data error pops up (cyclic redundancy check). 

When I go to Disk Management, the WD Smarware (H Drive) is visible, it shows a UDF file system and primary partition.

The stange thing is that when I hook it up to my sister’s MacBook, the drive comes up and I can access my pictures.  Why would it read on a MAC but not on my PC (Windows 7)??

Any ideas? I am desperate to retrieve my pictures!


The partition is corrupted… You can retrieve the files and reformat

try to do it ASAP cause it could get worst

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