My Book Essential Continuous Problem with Backups

Now I have been here before with relatively the same problem so I thought I’d try again.

OS: Windows Home Premium 7 64bit

My Book Essential using Smartware

I have done the following to try to resolve my problem (files dissapear from drive?)

Uninstalled Smartware, Firmware, Software - No Help

Formatted the Drive, reinstalled all software and firmware, no help - I mean this was nearly a completely empty drive

I’m attaching 2 screenshots of this problem and look for help.

I have switched the backup from “category” to “File” Backup because the Smartware was missing nearly everything in my documents. What the screenprints show is what the drive looked like after a complete format, software and firmware reinstall, complete backup and about 3 reboots. This would be the 3rd reboot.

HELP! Empty Smartware1.jpg Empty Smartware2.jpg

Dude, at this point I’d call WD since the drive could be bad.

Thank you. I’ve run all the diagnostic tests on the MyBook and everything is supposed to be ok.

I did contact support and just got a message this morning to uninstall and reinstall Smartware. Seems to be the only answer these guys know. I am going to do it one more time and if it doesn’t work it’s gone.

I downloaded and am using a backup software named NovaBackup that is available for $39.95

I started using it yesterday and it is awsome. So easy to use, so fast you don’t need a real time backup.

I’ll return in a couple hours or a dy or so to let you know if the reinstall does any good. I’m not very optimistic though.

Thanks for the suggestion though.


I use my drives with Windows Backup so I don’t really pay any attention to Skynet at all. Lately I’ve been getting WD drives that come without the software since I really don’t need it.

I think your final solution will be to stop using Skynet, like many others (Like me).

Here’s the 2 screenshots of the MoBook when I uninstalled, reinstalled, and did a File Backup.

I will watch to see how long they remain this way. MyBook1 10-31-11.jpg MyBook2 10-31-11.jpg

I’m not sure why you mention Skynet. I’m not using anything called Skynet


Can’t see the pics until they’re seen by mods. “Skynet” is my pun on “Smartware”, Skynet is the rogue (Evil) super-computer of the Terminator series. Since Smartware takes over random system resources on random PCs and has random errors as well it almost looks like Smartware wants to do as it pleases, like it’s sentient (Like SkyNet) :smiley:


Kudos to the PizzaMatrix for the reference to skynet I loled

Skynet hahaha! Viruses do come in all types indeed lol