My Book Essential 1.5tb 3.0 problems

i’ve searched all over the net and found remotely related to my problem. I bought My book essential 1.5 tb 3.0 awhile back, i opened the packaging, it came with no cd for the wd smartware software. when i plugged it in, Nothing happened. so i thought, well it’s probably just my os *which is XP*. Now i need to back up my files on it and i’ve plugged it into my laptop which is using windows 7. It doesn’t recognize it, no matter if i boot it up running, or off. I’ve tried all of my ports on my laptop. Nothing, zip, nada. I had to install the wdsmartware cd from a different source cause it never came with it. Well it STILL wont recognize it. the wd SES software gives me “error during installation nothing was changed install at a later date” i’ve installed all the necessary things for the stupid thing from the website. I’ve spent 100+ on some Piece of **bleep** that does Nothing. Never came with the required items to get it working. This is my last hope before i use the warranty and send it back. I’m sitting here typing this, looking at the box that says “World’s Best Selling External hard Drives #1 WD” WHAT A JOKE. I need someone to give me some kind of idea on how to get this dumb thing to work. So if your looking for a question Here it is.

How Do I get It to Recognize on Windows 7, and XP and How Will I get The required Files to Install So this thing will work?!


What is the model number of your unit?

There are some My Book drives that are not compatible with  WD Smartware software.