My Book Duo Stopped Backing up

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my Duo seems to have stopped capturing back ups of my changes. I can see the drive on my network and can access the files and folders using Explorer. I have accessed backed up files and see that recent changes have not been captured, when compared to the original documents on my PC.

I can access the IP address user interface and modify the various settings and user accesses.

The WDSmartware application sees the drive on launch but it will not let me log on to any of the shares or let me access the back up or retrieve tabs (greyed out).

The drive has been rebooted, is attached to my router directly and I access both over my wireless network.

Any suggestions as to how to kick it back in to life please?

Did you update WD SmartWare? As a standard application that runs from within the host operating system (Windows 10) the application is conditioned to system (Software) compatibility irrespective of your WD My Book Live Duo.

If you have already updated WD SmartWare to the latest version, then I’d recommend uninstalling the program and allowing a fresh installation to run in the system.

Hi Thank you for your reply. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software (v2.4.13) but I still get the same behaviour. I can see the drive on the network, I can access the drive and folders via explorer, the WD Smartware reports the drive and lists the various shares. When I select one and click the drive icon it requests a user name and password. Neither the generic admin nor the specific user name and associated passwords work. There is no error message just an obstinate refusal to let me see the back up or retrieve tabs.