WD Smartware - My Livebook Duo Inaccessable For Backup

Folks - I’m using Smartware version 2.4.12. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, my backups have not been running. When I open up Smartware, in the Home tab, it’s telling me that “Login Required” to access the My Book Live Duo. I back up to the SamrtWare folder on my drive. The Backup and Restore tabs are inaccessible. I have never had to do this before, nor I know what the username and password are. I’ve tried “admin” but no luck. I can access the drive on my network, and even remotely via “My Cloud” mobile app. Just can’t get Smartware to work right. Any ideas?

P. Lee


Have you tried reinstalling the WD Smartware on that PC? If not, please try that.

Uninstall the app completely and try installing that again.

Will I lose my backup settings if I do a complete reinstall of the WD Smartware software?