My Book 8TB - Chkdsk unspecified error 766f6c756d652e63 470

I do have a My Book 8TB (exFAT) external hard drive and last week I notice Windows 10 was asking to repair drive, but it won’t complete repair. I tried to run CHKDSK /F on the command prompt but it will give me " Chkdsk unspecified error 766f6c756d652e63 470 ".

I run WD Drive Utilities but it couldn’t find anything wrong, it pass on all tests. I notice there are a couple of folders that it won’t let me delete or do anything.

How can I know for sure if the drive is ok?
Is there a WD tool to repair drive file system if is corrupted?


Maybe you can just format the partition if there is no useful data in it.

As 1400700226 said, you can try to formatting the 8TB hard drive if there is no necessary data on it. But if there is necessary data, you can retrieve data via certain data recovery software at first.