MyBook no access but system recognizes it. Data recovery? chkdsk fails

Yesterday I tried to copy data from my PC to my MyBook but suddenly the copying stopped and the windows said there was a error copying a file. In that very moment my external hard drive shot down. I restarted my PC and the result was that the system recognizes just one of my two partitions of my external hard drive but it knows that there is a second partition there. (I: in the picture) but when I try to have access to I. there is an error message which says: “Path not available. Don´t have access. The file or the structure is damaged and not readable.”

Ok, let´s run some tests:

  • I ran the SMART and the middle test with the Program WD SmartWare. No Problem. But the program itself says that there is no data on the external hard drive.
  • Windows 10 Disk Management says the partition is there, empty and unformated (RAW)
  • But I really need the data on it so I did an elevated cmd and tried chkdsk but the following problem appeared: /f /r /v where not possible as commands because the program says there is an error and it has to stop. Within the chkdsk chkdsk i: was not possible due to reading only. /r was not possible due to error 6672732e637878 58f. The same error appears on other commands as well (/v /b etc.)

So, undoubtable there is a problem with the partition on the hard disk (the other partition is fine by the way and access is possble). But I´m really desperate because all my pictures and my music from the last 15 years are stored on that external hard drive. So I really need access to the data.

Does somebody please has a solution?

Hi there,

You can try too use a data recovery software to see if you can get those files back, lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.

Yeah, I found a freeware that can read RAW data. Do you have any tipps for a good freeware? Most of them have a data limitation and you have to buy the pro version if you want to restore more then let´s say 100MB. Or they are really expensive like Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery.