My Book 3TB USB 3.0 beeping

I have had this drive for about 7 months. it doesn’t get used much. I just use it to backup files on my laptop and desktop. I used it about 4 days ago to back up files on the laptop and it worked fine. tonight I went to use the drive on the desktop and it didn’t work.

the drive never shows up on either system. doesn’t even show up on the usb in device manager. The drive sounds like it is starting to spin up but then makes two beep tones that repeat every second or so for several time then stops. it does this regardless if the usb cable is plugged in. this is the only drive like this I have. what I was wondering was if the drives do this when the usb is not connected. that would at least let me know if this was a problem with the usb board on the drive or the hard drive itself.

Well, sorry to say this but it appears that the drive might have failed.  I would recommend you to test it with the diagnostic tool from WD on another computer and/or with another cable if possible.  If you are unable to test it or the test fails then you should replace the drive.