WD Elements Failure - 10 beeps

Hey guys, I have a WD external harddrive, model wdbaau0030hbk-01 (PC). Just stopped working this afternoon. The drive is not detected in Windows or in Device Manager; when connected to my PC via USB, the light flashes, then the drive makes ten soft beeping noises, followed by a long hum. This sequence of noises repeats four or five times before going silent.

The power supply seems to work, and I’ve tested the drive with a couple (known-working) USB cables to no effect. I’ve had no problems with this drive up until now (was never dropped, no clicking sounds etc), except for a few months ago, when Windows issued a power surge warning for the USB port my drive was plugged into.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I am, of course, assuming the worst, but if it sounds like a problem which I could at least try to fix, I’d like to know. Thanks!

Hi, unfortunately I have not heard of this issue and have no pointer other than what you have tried, lets see if another user had encountered this problem and is able to provide some information.

Hey, thanks for the response. I had to contact the WD customer service center. They were (surprisingly!) very helpful, suggesting that I get new copies of the drive’s original power supply and USB cables, which they are sending me free of charge. I’ve tried using multiple USB and power cords so I am skeptical that this will work, but it was the only thing the service technician could think of doing at the time.

They will take a least a week to arrive, though, so if anyone else has encountered this sort of problem, or has an idea what it could be, please keep me updated. I’m storing the drive in a safe place for now.