Elements SE external drive seems to be failed! Please help

My WD elements external drive suddenly stopped working. When I connect it to the PC, Its LED starts to blink(not sure if it blinked before) and it produces weird electronic beep sounds for some time and then the sound also stops. The computer  shows " a USB device is connected" but there is no drive in the my computer. Also it isn’t listed in device manager. I also tried connecting it with other computers, but the same problem everywhere.
I tried to use WD DLG diagnostics software. At first use, it showed my drive with its serial number and “0MB” total space. Then when I used it again it isn’t showing my drive. 
I contacted a local computer expert , he told me that the beep sounds are indicating that it’s a “media failure” and my hard disk has crashed. 
Then I thought of getting it replaced as it is still in warranty. But the next problem is that the label at the back of my hard disk has been worn off and the serial number plus the part number and the bar codes are not visible. I still have the hard disk’s cover and it has the serial number but as per the obvious reasons it isn’t the proof that my disk has that serial number. 
Since  WD DLG diagnostics software isn’t recognizing the drive , I don’t see any other way of proving that my drive is still in warranty. 
I need help here. Are the beep sounds indicatory that the HDD has failed? How can I make sure that if I apply for warranty replacement , WD would accept my HDD as its tag has been damaged.? What are my other options? How can I still retrieve my data? Please reply, its really important. 


You should try contacting WD Support about this issue.