[HELP]WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB beeping!

Hi Everyone,

I have bought a external HD and after my second use it started to beep a few times and my PC is not detecting it. After beeping several times, it stops but it still not appearing on MyComputer.

If I go to disk management I can see it there but if I try to set it online (don’t remember if this was the option I saw, I’m not at home right now) it gives me an error.

Can anyone help me solving this issue? I don’t care about the data (I mean, If necessary, I can format the disk) but I really need to have the disk working correctly.

Thanks in advance.

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I had 2 of these drives plugged in after having them plugged in for a few hours one started beeping and could not be seen by the computer, using it on a USB 2 port.

After disconnecting both drives and leaving them disconnected for several hours, reconnected the beeping drive and no beep. Using WD Diagnostics software I ran a quick test and drive passed. Tried to run the extended test and 30 minis into the test it started beeping again. I tried to cancel the test but system would not let me cancel or close the application, used ctrl-alt-delete to stop the program and then disconnected the drive.

After approximately 1 hour I plugged the drive back in it was fine, copied all the information from the drive to the computer and ran quick test again with no failures no beep.

My computer is a new Lenovo B520 with maybe 40 hours of use.

Not sure if the drive is OK or not at this time and I am not so sure I want to run the extended test.

I think it might be a heat related problem.

Sure hope someone has insight as to what the permanent fix is.

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It could be a power issue a lot of PCs use barely adequet power supplies. Did you try different ports and make sure you’re not going through a hub. Try and contact customer service you might need a power booster cable.


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Thank you guys for your comments, I will try your suggestions as soon as I get home.

I don’t think this is power related since I tried another external HD (same model, from a friend) and worked great.

I’m open to more comments/suggestions. :slight_smile:

Thanks Everyone.

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Hi Nico,

I’m having a similar problem with one of my HDs. I have two and one is working while the other is beeping mad!

Did any of the the suggestions work for you?

Did you find a solution?

sometimes temperature changes will free up those heads. stick your drive into antistatic bag and freeze if for few hours.

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