My passport 1T HD keeps beeping


last year like today i bought my WD hard disk , the first 7-8 months were great , but afterwards the HD started to send out beep sounds , it would beep 5-6 times and then stop , at that time i would check if the HD was on my computer but i couldnt find it , the HD wasnt there,sometimes this problem wouldnt happen at all and the HD would work fine , but the problem has occured more than often , i havent dropped it or anything and its been used in an appropiate way , i dont know what to do , im afraid that one day it will stop working for good note that im using windows 7

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We recommend you to backup your data and contact WD for replacement.

Dear sir

i would like to know what the beeping means , and also will WD replace my HD , i’ve had the HD for more than a year i also bought it from the states and currently live in jordan ( in the middle east)

what should I do

please adivse


might be a problem with the USB port or a cable. Not enough power going to the drive