WD My Passport Beeping Noise

Hello everyone,

So yesterday I was trying to put my portable harddrive (2TB My Passport) into my pc and it just seemed to start up and then make a beeping noise then repeat. 

I have tried the freezing method, which others have recommended, but it has not worked.

The device is recognized in the device manager but I cannot access the drive what so ever.

Is there anything that I can do, or is it just dead? It is still under warranty.

Thanks for any advice. 


I have tried out the WD Data Lifeguard application and it recognizes the drive, but it has the SMART status as “Not Available” and the drive capacity as 0 MB. I have attempted to run all of the tests, but they all finish instantly and there is no change in the status of the drive.


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Try contacting support for additional assistance.


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