My Passport 1TB beeps at start and has I/O device errror once it's running


It’s only 4 months old, hardly used and the darn HD is already beeping, clicking, it gives and I/O errror and shows that has 0 MB or GB available.

I can hear it spinning after a while. I don’t care about the drive itself but I need to get the data off of it. 

The beeping is as follows: beep beep beep short delay and a beep again.

Windows 7 can see the drive, but cannot initialize it. WD tools are not working. I was wondering what kind of connector is the 12 pin male connector on the drive and the 2 pin.  Please any help is much appreciated.

I had bought this drive for my wife so she would stop (lossing) using the flash cards but now my wonderful idea backfired. I’m in trouble :frowning:


I opened the hard  drive and notice that the drive spins, the computer knows it is there but diagnostics like: Smart Status Fails and the wd utilities like Data lifeguard show that the drive has 0.00 space on the drive. Puzzled. I am inclined to think that the board is damaged. Can I replace it? Is there any alternative to recover the data?