My Passport Beeping Noise HELP !!

My 1tb My Passport just started making these weird beeping noises, the light constantly flashes and my computer senses it when connected but nothing pops up.

I also went through the my computer>computer management>devise manager etc. When im in properties it say the devise is working properly but when i go to the Volumes tab>populate, this is what i get

Disk: Disk 1
Type: Unknown
Status: Not Initialized
Partition Style: Not Applicable
Capacity: 0mb
Unallocated space: 0mb
Reserved space: 0mb

I can have it replaced because its still under warranty but i want to retrice the data i have on this HD.

What causes the beeping? i’ve tried doing some research and seen some people actually opening up there HD and moving the heads and platers to fix the problem. Do you think this will resolve my problem?

Here is a video to of my passport making beeping-


See if the following link helps to identify the sound comming out of the unit.

I think will be better for you to reach out to WD Support for direct assistance.

WD support contact info: