My book 3tb not recognized by my pc

Hi there!! I am at my wits end here. I have a 3tb WD mybook external harddrive. It was working fine, and then all of the sudden, my laptop isn’t recognizing it at all anymore. I have a dell XPS 15 9530. I have windows 10 installed and it is up to date. I have tried almost everything…I connected the hard drive to another laptop which was running an earlier version of windows 7…and it worked fine…so I knew it was not the cord. It isn’t even showing my in device manager or disk management!! The light comes on when I plug the USB into my laptop…somebody please help
Thank you

Did you test the hard drive in the Windows 7 system before or after the unit was no longer recognized on your main Windows 10 system? Does the hard drive still work in Windows 7? If so, then it could be an issue related to the USB controller in the Windows 10 system. Try replacing the USB 3.0 cable with a regular Micro USB 2.0 cable to force legacy connectivity mode.

I’ve tried the sane cited in the windows 7 laptop, which it works and then in the windows 10 laptop which it doesn’t work. I believe it did work before worth windows 10 after the update. It’s not the cord because it worked in the other laptop. .I’ve also used other things plugged into the windows 10 laptop, and it works. .so the process of elimination there.

Did you find a resolve to this issue? I have the same problem since updating to Windows 10! My external hard drive is filled with pictures and music and my laptop won’t even recognize it!

It actually turned out to be the cord!!! Which is really weird because I
tried the original cord on my old laptop and it worked…so not sure why
the new cord worked , but I’m glad it did