My 8TB My Book power board went bad - what now?

I had the power board stop on my 8TB My Book. I took the board off my 3TB WD external drive and the drive comes on but I cannot see it now more. I ran WD Diagnostics on it and it passed but shows no capacity and Windows 10 said it need to initialize it but when I try, it said failed due to hardware error.

Can I move the drive to a third party enclosure? I cannot seem to find the board new anywhere and I am hoping this drive is not a total loss.


In almost all cases … no

My Books have hardware encryption so you can’t remove the drive and place it in a 3rd party enclosure to access your data.

Windows will just prompt you to Format the drive (losing your data)

I have read it may be possible using Linux to decrypt it … but that’s outta my experience to offer any advice on that.