Mwp battery issue

Hey guys,

im reasearching about the (WDBSMT0040BBK-EESN) and what I came across on this forum is this battery issues…just dont wanna ruin the drive right away, so is it best to take it apart and remove the battery?

I had the plan to have it connected directly to the power so that it would be online all the time but apparently thats not possible then or?

Thank you for the input on this!

if you remove the battery and let it discharge completely over time … you most probably won’t be able to ever charge it again if you decide one day put it back in the case and use it as a “Portable” device again.

There’s a lot of conjecture how the My Passport Wireless will function without the battery connected …i guess there’s only one way to find out.

my My Passport Wireless is still working fine and am using it as intended, so i’m not that curious to disassemble it and remove the battery to see if it will still work.

But, if that’s what you plan to do … let us know how it goes.

Not leaning towards the idea :smiley:
but still want to keep the drive online for longer periods, while not ruining the whole thing…hmm maybe any other solution / idea maybe?


If you want your data online on your local network which you can access either via wired or wireless 24/7 then the solution i would recommend is either buying a NAS (Network Accessed Storage) or just a plain old portable hard drive and connect via usb to your Router if it supports it (which will have more limitations then a proper NAS … but should work for basic functions)

A My Passport Wireless is not really suited for you want to do with it.

Maybe to explain for what reason i even need it…
I wish to make a wireless movie database that will be connected to my smart tv.
I already own wd my cloud white 3tb version, which worked great on previous smart tv but on the new one Tesla 2K i cant get it to work…

Now im thinking on two solutions to actually still use mwp but turn it on each time i upload and watch things off of it…or maybe to upgade nas with one that has hdmi output since tv wont link via dlna.

I will try connection the basic drive to my modem as well to see if it works somehow…

I have exactly the same setup (3TB My Cloud, 4K Smart TV) … except i use a Raspberry Pi 3 with Kodi for playback and the Movie / TV database. Works wired or wireless using SMB shares from the 3TB My Cloud.

I would concentrate on working on solution for that … because when solved, then you don’t have to mess around with the My Passport Wireless.

Your new “smart” tv should firstly be able to connect to your wireless network and secondly should be able to (at the very least) handle DLNA shares (make sure you have Media Streaming Enabled on your My Cloud)

If the TV supports SMB Shares (my 4K Panasonic does) it should be able to stream anything from either the “Public” folder on the My Cloud or from user created shares.