Music folder details missing

Hi Guys,
I am hopping someone can help me understand why I cant see all the files and folders in the music section of the WD MyCloud

I have been ripping all our CDs onto the MyDrive using EAC in WAV format.
On my Iphone I use the MusicStreamer app from Stratospherix and in this app all is great, I can see all 500 Albums

Now my wife has bought an Andriod phone and I need to get something that works for her.
All the Apps I have found can only see a limit number of albums, about 8 of them, and I think these 8 were not ripped via EAC.

When I log into the MyCloud I can see that within the music folder (which was on there my default) there are folders called things like “All Tracks”, “Artist Index”, etc etc. these folders contain details of the 8 albums that I can see on the andriod phone. There is also a folder here called “By Folder” and in here I can see the full 500 albums.

Anyone understand this issue?

Many thanks Nick

I assume you are accessing the music files while connected to the same local network as the My Cloud.

If so how are the apps connecting to the My Cloud? Using DLNA, iTunes, or as a File Manager? Check the app to ensure it supports the media files you are using.

You may also need to add metadata tags to the music files in some (most) cases. There are any number of metadata editors for music files including MP3Tag and MediaMonkey.

The following may also have relevant information if accessing the DLNA media server on the My Cloud.

@nick323f Does that include the Mobile App for Android? Look at the following information, look at Downloads>Software for Mobiles.

Thanks for coming back to me.

So on the iphone app:
if I go to Public/Shared Music then look at the All tab i can see everything
and If I look at the Music tab i can also see everything

But on the andriod app
if I go to Public/Shared Music then look at the All tab i can see everything
and If I look at the Music tab i can only see a very limited number of albums as I described above

Hi there thanks for coming back to me.

Yes I am only discussing access to the My cloud via my home wifi network.

I have no idea how the apps are connecting to the MyCloud (I’m sorry I’m trying really hard to learn all this stuff but some of it is a bit above my current knowledge) I suspect that the app I have on my iphone is connecting as a file server, but the andriod apps are all connecting as DLNA

the link you put here is really good. I’ve had a read. But I can’t see twonky listed, I go to Settings/media/DLNA Media Server next to Media Streaming I see “View Media Players” I click here and I see a list Twonky is not on this list ??

OK some small progress. Using Mp3tag I can identify that the files that cant be seen on the andriod app have no tags.
I guess this means that either I have to add tags to all 5000 files. that’s going to be very boring unless I can find a way to upload as a single job?
I find an andriod app that reads the folder name as the album and the file name as the title (this must be a file browser type app that also works as a music streamer app). any one got any good ideas?

@nick323f To get to Twonky and see the information enter your IP address and end it as shown here.


I use and love Music Streamer app on my iOS devices. With it I can listen to any of the 14,000 digital tracks in my iTunes Media folder. I even. have copied this folder to my WD NAS and WD wireless drive.

I have digitized my CD’s using iTunes since I got an iPod in 2005. Shortly after creating Apple’s m4a files, I realized that mp3 files were, and going to be, the standard format; not m4a nor WAV files. LI changed iTunes to make high quality mp3 files – can’t tell them from the CDs All metadata is there, Including cover art. If not, I find cover art and patch metadata.

I have never hesrd of EAC and recommend mp3 files over WAV files.

There are a number of different DLNA media players for Android. Some of us here use BubblePNP to play media from the My Cloud.

Like mike27oct I too used iTunes (on Windows) to rip a number of audio CD’s (4,000 or so tracks) to MP3 format over the years.

Most DLNA media players will only show/display those media files it can play.

Sometimes it helps to access the Twonky administration page (see above) and reset/clear the data cache and rescan for media.

Hi guys thanks for all the feed back

EAC = Exact Audio Copy, I was recommended it by one of you along with the Music streamer. (You guys are a great group for help and support by the way, thank you)

I’m not going to start re-copying all the CD’s again. I would love to find a music player for the Android system that looks at the file name and folder name for the album and artist int he same way that MusicStreamer does for the iphone.
Otherwise I guess I’ll have to find a way to populate all this data against the existing files, as a single job

If you’re running EAC, you must have a PC. If so, download a decent media manager/player, and use its tagging tools to infer metadata tags from the filenames; that’s a basic lirary management task.

And if you’re ripping, and you have a NAS, for heaven’s sake, rip to a lossless fornat such as FLAC (it’s a bit-perfect copy of the CD tracks). Disk space is cheap. Ripping is painful & time-consuming. Do it once. Do it right. Do it lossless. If you need a lossy version for portable devices (e,g, MP3), transcode to a parallel directory, but keep the lossless files.

Media Managers:
Both are free.

Android player:
costs a few quid, but is excellent, and will cast to Chromecast devices.