WD My Cloud losing media links

Greetings, I have a MY Cloud device I have used for many years, and until today was very happy with it. My problem today stems from the fact that on the dashboard the drive shows 260GB of music tracks, I can access them from both a file and web browser, but the DNLA media server only shows 2 tracks. When I try to rebuild or rescan the database the music file count adds up towards approximately 21925 tracks before dropping rapidly to the 2 tracks I previously mentioned.
I have only noticed this behaviour today when attempting to stream my music to a Cambridge Audio device, this has functioned perfectly for over a year. The firmware on the device is v04.05.00-320.
Many thanks in advance for any help that may be offered.

What do you have showing in Twonky?

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Have you cleared your cache, restarted the server, and then rescanned the content folders?

Cat0w, I haven’t used twonky, I don’t know how to, I have tried restarting the server, rescanned and rebuild the server, the music track list counts up to a maximum of around 22000 tracks then at some point drops to show only 2 tracks. The share to my Cambridge Audio device was working perfectly until recently. I have added all the music tracks on the My Cloud device to a Plex Server and they stream to the Cambridge Audio device perfectly. I would just like to find out what has changed or gone wrong.

Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Twonky is the DLNA media server.

Thank you for your reply, as I have had my MY Cloud device for about 3 years or so and have used it extremely well since then with no problems (completely unaware of Twonky), my question was quite simply “why has it suddenly stopped working?”

I would not expect a purchaser of a consumer product to be required to delve into the inner workings of a device to get it to work properly.

No, neither would I. Unfortunately, WD don’t seem to agree with us; they consider the supplied Twonky media server to be third party software, and not their problem. That’s why I wrote the FAQ; to provide support to get it working properly.

For your problem of scanning files appearing, and then suddenly vanishing, check that the media sharing options on Shares are correct, and that the media server is enabled.


Many thanks for your help, using Twonky it was easy to get things up and running again, as they say “every day’s a school day”


Jim Holmes