About to load thousands of albums on My Cloud... Any tips?

After a month of ripping cds, tagging and re-tagging, getting good quality artwork, and other various music library-related projects, I’m about to start loading My Cloud with a fairly large music collection. Anybody have any experience doing this? Even if you don’t have a ton of music, how do you have your folders set up on your My Cloud? Do you use the WD app to stream to your phone/tablet, or is there another way? Any advice will be sooo appreciated. Hate to waste a day uploading, then have to move everything around later. Should I add that I don’t use Itunes? Guess I just did.

In the past weeks I’ve loaded it up with a few hundred gigs of albums several times in different folder configurations just to test, and so far I’ve found that putting too many albums(folders) into a single folder not only took a quite a while to load while away from my home network, but also took forever to scroll to the bottom of a list with hundreds, let alone once I put thousands of folders in it.

Is there a way to quick-scroll in the My Cloud app? I tried holding the sidebar and a few other ridiculous swiping motions, but couldn’t get it to work. And speaking of the app, I’d love to be able to read an entire song title on my phone. The way the app abbreviates sometimes makes it hard to tell what song it is.

Thanks in advance for your input!


i want also an easy way for looking. But there is no solution about ~3-4 week.